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Remake of Karateka in Development???

Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia, announces the remake of Karateka as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 sometime this year.

Karateka was a one man operation where Mechner created the game in his dorm room at Yale for the Apple II. Yes, so that means the 80′s. Feudal Japan is the world Karateka brought players. With the simple task of defeating waves of karate men to recuse your girlfriend.

Yes, a timeless video game tale.


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MadCatz Announces Two New Headsets

If looks aren’t what sell you on peripheral devices you may miss out on the new offering of MadCatz CYBORG headsets.  If on the other hand their past products and spec sheets are any indication the newly released Primer Wireless Headset for the Xbox360 and its up coming sister product the F.R.E.Q.5 for PC and Mac are sure to please. Both headset are priced at 100$

The Primer features 5.8GHZ wireless technology as well as 40mm neodymium drivers. It has a two tone black and orange color scheme with a removable mic and external volume knobs for the sound and mic separately.

The CYBORG stylized F.R.E.Q.5 also includes “on ear controls” and a removable mic in addition to 50mm stereo drivers. It has both a 3.5mm jack cord and one with a USB connection that can be switched depending on what kind of connection you prefer. The marketing touts the 3.5mm jack as a way to plug in to mobile devices but users of dedicated sound cards on the PC will appreciate this as their hardware natively supports a 3.5mm connection.

The reason I believe the upcoming F.R.E.Q.5 uses 50mm drivers rather than 40mm is due to partly in fact to keeping the price equal for both unites. So in a since you may be sacrificing a bit of sound quality for the luxury of a wireless connection and battery life on the 360 side of things.

According to their release “the F.R.E.Q.5 Pro Gaming Headset for PC, (is) expected to ship Spring 2012. . .” while the Primer should be shipping already. If you don’t feel like waiting you can preorder the F.R.E.Q.5 now.


SAN FRANCISCO (October 21, 2011) –SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced first pre-order details for its much anticipated third-person, squad shooter Binary Domain™.  Everyone who pre-orders Binary Domain at GameStop will receive the “Multiplayer Pack,” featuring an exclusive multiplayer map, a new playable class as well as exclusive weapons.


The “Multiplayer Pack” gives access to the exclusive multiplayer map, “Outside High-rise, Upper City” which can be played across a variety of Binary Domain’s multiplayer modes. The new playable class, the “Ninja” is also unlocked and offered for both teams; this unique playable character type is perfect for surprise attacks and adapting combat style to the situation. Finally this pre-order pack also contains two exclusive multiplayer weapon types: the “Hoga Type 69” Sniper Rifle for long range annihilation of enemies and the ‘Yamato-0’ Handgun, for more up close and personal work.


Binary Domain is a pioneering third-person squad shooter from the creators of the Yakuza™ series. Set in near-future Tokyo where climate change has caused many living in the lower city of Tokyo to live in poverty. With a central branching storyline, voice recognition in combat and conversation and AAA shooter mechanics Binary Domain offers something genuinely unique to the genre.


Binary Domain will be available in North America on February 14, 2012, on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system

Our day at Colorado Cutt Throat Supercon

Colorado Cutthroat Connection Super Con report

It’s about that time again when video game tournaments are at an all-time high. Los Angeles hosts EVO while Japan is home to Godsgarden, but unless you have the time and money to attend these (and if you do, we’re jealous), where is a local player to go to participate in such gaming events? The Colorado Cutthroat Connection event has you covered. These guys host about 5 tournaments every year all over the US. One of the more prominent ones was just held in Denver during the last weekend in July, and we were glad to attend. If you wish to partake in some fighting game goodness, this is the place to be.

When we departed for this event we weren’t sure what to expect, as our experience with fighting game tournaments had been limited to local anime cons, which is admittedly a very different atmosphere. Were the players going to be the dreaded anti-social stereotype of elite players, or would they welcome newcomers with open arms and freshly-modded controllers? I am grateful it turned out to be the latter, and in the end it was a rewarding and fun experience. I have never met a friendlier group of people for a gaming event. The Cutthroat guys definitely go out of their way to make sure you have fun at this mini gaming con. It’s a one day event that’s filled with more than just fighting game, since it has room for other types of gamers to have fun, even including space for some classic convention DDR. Their main focus is still the fighting games, of course. They were running tournaments all day long for Mortal Kombat, MVC3, Super Street Fighter 4 AE, and Blazblue. In addition they ran workshops in some of the other rooms instructing people on how to improve their skills, complete with random trivia for prizes. There is always something to do all day long regardless of your game preference.

It was a lot of fun and everyone there far exceeded expectations. We got some great tips on modding arcade sticks at the event which I have been excitedly working on in my spare time. For an event focused on fighting tournaments, these guys know how to do it right. And it’s not just a one-time event, they manage to keep it running multiple times throughout the year! The man in charge, Greg, is so dedicated that he has fighting game parties at his place just for people to come and enjoy the atmosphere. Anyone looking for some fellow players for a match or even just wanting some tips for major tournaments should check these guys out. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions either, you never know what handy tips you might pick up. These guys are exceptional and just want to do whatever they can to help improve your game.

Also look for their upcoming events partnered with Gamestop in the Colorado area. They have a full schedule planned for the fall and winter season this year and Hyphytek plans on attending just about all of them. I hope to challenge some of you guys there!

Additional resources:

Website:  http://www.coloradocutthroat.com/index.php

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ColoradoCutthroatConnection

Joseph Dunn


Gears of War 3 – Horde Mode 2.0

From ” The multiplayer mode that set a new standard for cooperative multiplayer gameplay is back and bolder than ever as Horde mode returns to Gears of War 3. Get a first look at the upgrades in Horde 2.0 ”

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Hitman: Absolution: Official Trailer


Official Hitman Absolution E3 Trailer

From g4tv.com” Agent 47, the Hitman, going back to work in this trailer for Hitman: Absolution. The Hitman series favors stealth and planning over balls to the wall action, leading to tense stalking and infiltration based gameplay.”

Ubisoft E3 2011 Press Conference Video

From g4tv.com” It’s French! It’s delicious! It’s the Ubisoft E3 2011 press conference video, with an ‘Assassin’s Creed: Revelations’ trailer, a look at ‘Far Cry 3,’ a new ‘Brothers In Arms,’ and more! ”

EA E3 2011 Press Conference Video

From g4tv.com ” Here’s the full Electronic Arts E3 2011 press conference video, including demos of ‘Battlefield 3,’ ‘Mass Effect 3,’ and ‘Need 4 Speed: The Run,’ and the announcement of Insomniac’s new IP ‘OverStrike.’”

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference Video

From g4tv.com” Check out the entire Microsoft E3 2011 press conference video, including a ‘Halo 4′ trailer, ‘Modern Warfare 3′ and ‘Tomb Raider’ demos, plenty of new Kinect games, new Xbox Live television functionality, and much, much more.”

Rayman Origins E3 Gameplay Demo

From g4tv.com” ‘Rayman Origins’ has grown in size from a downloadable title into a full game with 4-player co-op. Michel Ancel, Ubisoft Creative Director, joins Candace Bailey and Blair Herter for a hands-on look in this Rayman Origins E3 2011 gameplay demo video.”

Microsoft Tomb Raider E3 2011 Video

From g4tv.com” Lara Croft is beaten, battered and bruised in this iteration of Tomb Raider, a significant departure from her dual-pistol, hotpants days. It’s looking a little like one of my favorite scary movies, The Descent, so count me excited. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks absolutely gorgeous though, does it? ”

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