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The Simpsons & Santa Cruz Skateboards


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Cowboys & FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

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AMS Alpha 12 R35 GT-R: World Record 9.05@166.66mph


From davechoe ” F_ing finally ! for those of you who still give a flying f_, the decade(2 years actual filmmaking 8 years of personal life dramatizations and behind the scenes heartbreaking chaos and hijinx) in the making DIRTY HANDS DVD will finally see the light of day! For all you broke motherf_ers you can watch this shit for free right now! Right here!



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Russian Meal Time

From ” We roll down to Georgia and meet up with one of the biggest badasses on YouTube! FPSRussia and his arsenal of weapons joins forces with us and our copious amounts of deliciousness! WARNING: These are professionals in controlled environments. DO NOT try this at home!! ”

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The Crying PC Gamer

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New York governor signs same-sex marriage bill into law

From CNNAlbany, New York (CNN) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the state’s marriage equality bill hours after it passed the Republican-controlled Senate on Friday night, making it the sixth state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. “

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ANTHRAX “Fight’em ’til You Can’t” Free Download

From Anthrax ” Anthrax fans are the most loyal fans ever. You’ve been waiting a long, long time for us to release new music.  With Joey back in the band, we know that the anticipation is really high, and we love you for that. So, as a way for us to say THANK YOU, we decided to make our brand-new track, “Fight’em ’til You Can’t,” available as a free download, giving all of you a taste of what’s to come on our first new studio album in eight years – “Worship Music” that will be out September 13. Thank you for sticking with us my friends and now join us on this zombie killing thrill ride we call “Fight’em ’til You Can’t.”

DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/fightem


ANTHRAX “Fight’em ’til You Can’t” Free Download


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$25 – $35 @ squidkidsink


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Nike SB Dunk Low-Pro “Space Jam”

From sneakerfreaker ” It’s official: The Air Jordan inspired ‘Space Jam’ Nike SBs are set to be released on July 23rd (no prizes for guessing how they came up with the date). ”

From hypebeast ” Produced to pay homage to the original Air Jordan XI “Space Jam,” the dunks mimic the overall aesthetic quite well, pairing a black patent leather upper with mesh paneling and all the details we’d expect, including round laces and special blue accenting. ”



Thursday July 7th, PORTLAND, OR.
At TheZEROFRIENDS x Upper Playground Pop-Up shop
6Pm – 9PM
23 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Friday July 8th, SALT LAKE CITY, UT
4PM – 7PM
15 E 400 S
Salt Lake City, Utah

Saturday July 9th, DENVER, CO
4 PM – 7PM
555 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO


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Esquire Presents Me in My Place with Alison Haislip

From esquire.comIf she isn’t a geek goddess, Alison Haislip is at least somewhere in Pippa territory when it comes to the mouth-breathing, headset-wearing group of young men who, come to think of it, tend to discover beautiful young women well before the rest of us. And so it was that this 30-year-old spitfire. ”

As part of an ongoing series, Alison Haislip shot by MeInMyPlace for Esquire Magazine. “And I made some really great friends there, but they lived in all different parts of the country, and that was back in the day when calling long-distance on your land line was super expensive. My parents didn’t like me calling them a lot so we all signed up for AOL Instant Messenger names. I was literally one of the first people to have a screen name. And that’s how I kind of started my whole social-media thing.”

  As part of an ongoing series, Alison Haislip shot by MeInMyPlace for Esquire Magazine. Hey there everyone…  You know how much I like to tease y’all…  Sarah will be back tomorrow, I promise.  On my last trip to LA I had the pleasure of shooting Alison Haislip.  Those of you who know who she is are already thrilled, I know :-)  I’ll be posting all the shots today, so hang on tight, it’s going to get a little wild…  If she isn’t a geek goddess, Alison Haislip is at least somewhere in Pippa territory when it comes to the mouth-breathing, headset-wearing group of young men who, come to think of it, tend to discover beautiful young women well before the rest of us. And so it was that this 30-year-old spitfire — like Olivia Munn, her Attack of the Show predecessor on the G4 network, pre-Daily Show fame — had already been certified royalty when she started popping up backstage on our guilty pleasure of the summer, NBC’s The Voice. But Haislip — one of the few self-proclaimed “social-media gurus” we can actually stand — is used to being ahead of the game. Hell, she tweeted from this shoot before our still-anonymous photographer friend could even update his cool Tumblr about it. Anyway, there’s more where that came from…. —The Editors

See more @ meinmyplace.com


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