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Every Bazinga from The Big Bang Theory

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Woolite Commercial Directed by Rob Zombie

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Kid playing Dance Central Disturbia on Hard

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JR’s TED Prize wish: Use art to turn the world inside out

From ted.com ” JR, a French street artist, uses his camera to show the world its true face. He makes his audacious TED Prize wish: to use art to turn the world inside out. A funny, moving talk about art and who we are. Learn more at insideoutproject.net. ”



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Coors Light UK & Jean Claude Van Damme

Coors has created the greatest commercial I have seen to date, all I can say is that I love this with every fiber of my being !

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Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers – Jubilation Day

From ” The official animated video for “Jubilation Day” from the record Rare Bird Alert by Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers. ”

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World’s First Ultra High Definition LCD Display

FromĀ  diginfo.tv ” On the 15th of May, Sharp in collaboration with NHK unveiled the world’s first Ultra High Definition-capable LCD display. This 85″ LCD display has a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, which is equivalent to 16 times the resolution of HDTV, allowing for the display of incredibly detailed, high-quality images. ”

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2″ Trailer 2

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BLU Cologne, Germany

See more @ http://blublu.org/

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Bellflower Official Theatrical Trailer

From ” Best friends Woodrow and Aiden spend all of their free time building MAD MAX-inspired flamethrowers and muscle cars in preparation for a global apocalypse. But when Woodrow meets a charismatic young woman and falls hard in love, he and Aiden quickly integrate into a new group of friends, setting off on a journey of love and hate, betrayal, infidelity, and extreme violence more devastating and fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies. ”

directed by Evan Glodell
in theaters August 5th

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Vancouver riots

From espn ” VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Almost 150 people required hospital treatment overnight and close to 100 were arrested after rioters swept through downtown Vancouver following a Canucks loss to the Boston Bruins in the decisive Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.Vancouver Coastal Health spokeswoman Anna Marie D’Angelo said Thursday three stabbing victims have been admitted and an unidentified man is in critical condition with head injuries after a fall.She said most of the rioting victims were treated at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver. About 40, including the stabbing cases and the head injury patient, were being treated at Vancouver General Hospital. Rioting and looting left cars burned, stores in shambles and windows shattered over a roughly 10-block radius of the city’s main shopping district. ”

VIA espn.go.com & huffingtonpost.com

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IBM Centennial Film

100 X 100 – A century of achievements that have changed the world

From ” The film features one hundred people, who each present the IBM achievement recorded in the year they were born. The film chronology flows from the oldest person to the youngest, offering a whirlwind history of the company and culminating with its prospects for the future. For more information, please visit www.ibm100.com (http://www.ibm.com/ibm100/us/en/) ”

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