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Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

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Japanese Theme Park To Take The Title of ‘World’s Steepest Rollercoaster’

From dailymail.co.uk A new rollercoaster in Japan – which will boast the steepest vertical drop of any ride in the world - is set to raise the bar for thrill-seekers. On July 16th, the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, in the shadow of Mount Fuji in Yamanash, will unveil the stomach-flipping Takabisha ride – an attraction that includes seven major twists over 1000 metres of track, and a nerve-jangling drop of 43 metres. “


New Japanese Pop Idol – Not Real

From singularityhub ” This past Sunday, Ezaki Glico, the candy company which aired the commercial, confirmed what many of AKB 48’s fans had come to suspect: Aimi Eguchi wasn’t real. The new group member, it turns out, was a computer-generated composite of the real band members. Her pretty face was actually made up of the “best features” of six other members: her eyes, nose, mouth, hair/body, face outline and eyebrows were not flesh-and-blood, but cut-and-paste. “

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Takashi Murakami At Gagosian london – Preview

‘I think the japanese male sexual complex originated in the two-dimensional world
– animation, games and so on – which then transferred to small three-dimensional sculptures.
but before my sculptures miss ko (1997) and my lonesome cowboy (1998),
it had never been represented life-size.’
- takashi murakami

3-meter girl, 2011 (height 300 cm)
© takashi murakami/kaikai kiki co., ltd. all rights reserved

big box pko2, 2011 (height 250 cm)
© takashi murakami/kaikai kiki co., ltd. all rights reserved

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$25 – $35 @ squidkidsink


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New Rise of the Planet of the Apes International Trailer


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Jeremy Fish – Listen and Learn – Joshua Liner Gallery

From ” Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Listen and Learn, an exhibition of new works by the San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Fish. This is Fish’s second solo show with the gallery. ”

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Alleged Blake Lively Leaked Nude Cell Phone Pictures(NSFW)

From egotastic.com “Despite Blake’s rep’s earnest claims these photos are fake, readers are still sending in more images of ‘physical evidence’ than you see on a season’s worth of CSI.  We’ll run a few here and there.  Make of them what you will.Blake Lively seen on the set of Gossip Girl with an iPhone in a black case. A common brand and case no doubt. Could easily be a big coinky-dink as my Grandma used to say.”
Blake Lively holding an iPhone with black rubber case on set of Gossip Girl
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To protect and to serve Fascism


If they were not police they would be locked up, but because they wear a badge they get special treatment.

There are thousands of videos just like these and I can only imagine how many assaults and murders by police are not even known about.

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Confessions of a Tetris Addict

Quote From ” Tetris has changed the life of James Clewett, the 1999 world champion. He is now on the brink of finishing a PhD in physics. Here he describes his obsession with the game and where it has led him.
Film by Brady Haran ”

Find out more @ http://www.jamesclewett.com/

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Myth Busters :: Bond Edition

Quote From stevenchorney.com ” To highlight the popular show MYTH BUSTERS, Discovery Channel chose artist Steven Chorney to illustrate the cover of the cable channel’s Official Magazine. Executed in a style reminiscent of the James Bond 007 Movie Posters, a theme chosen to demonstrate the reality of many “spy gadgets” used in Hollywood Movie making.
Do the gadgets really work ?
Who ya gonna call ?
Myth Busters ! ”

Find out more @ http://www.stevenchorney.com/

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