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Thursday July 7th, PORTLAND, OR.
At TheZEROFRIENDS x Upper Playground Pop-Up shop
6Pm – 9PM
23 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Friday July 8th, SALT LAKE CITY, UT
4PM – 7PM
15 E 400 S
Salt Lake City, Utah

Saturday July 9th, DENVER, CO
4 PM – 7PM
555 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO


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Official Monster Brawl Teaser Trailer

Coming Soon!


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James Charles Currency Manipulation

From shootinggallerysf.com“As of last year, artist James Charles has been engrossed in an interesting new project; small in
scale…but large in depth. He began drawing on dollar bills, for the sake of his own amusement;
crudely altering the presidents’ faces to become monsters, celebrities, etc. After accidentally
spending a few of his early pieces, James decided to stop carrying them in his wallet, and
started putting them inside of a magazine for safe-keeping. The magazine folder eventually
became a large scrapbook, showcasing bills of all denominations. He found ink and materials to
match perfectly what the U.S. Mint uses on the bank notes, and began to experiment with ways
to alter the font and script along the bottom of the bills. It became the perfect way for James to
inject an additional layer of wit.
Altering currency in this way also poses questions regarding the true value of paper bills,
something made with seemingly insignificant materials – that somehow fuels our country’s evershifting
economy, and ultimately impacts living conditions around the globe. James has put a
wrench in the recirculation process by claiming his role as an artist, and declaring these specific
bills are not currency, but art objects.”

Find out more @ http://www.shootinggallerysf.com/

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“Snow Monsters” in Japan

“Snow Monsters” or juhyou (frost-covered trees) in Japanese are trees covered in snow and rime ice they form in the mountainous areas of northern Japan. Here are a few photos. VIA

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Curse of the Crescent Isle Review by Jarod Sanchez

Curse of the Crescent Isle

Genre: Platformer

Developer: AdamTheOtaku

Available: Xbox 360 Indie Games Marketplace

Price: 80msp/$1

Overall score: 9

Curse of the Crescent Isle applies a blocky world to present a tale of a kingdom attacked by an evil figure. Not a new story; Curse of the Crescent Isle uses a premise that has been used time and time again. What freshens up this platformer is a switch of perspective that is a rarity. Even with a twist using a dated game design crates issues at times that can make this game a chore. Though every chore is rewarding and Curse of the Crescent Isle is no different.

A Warlock brings on the curse during the wedding of the Princess of the Crescent Isle and Prince of the Northern Isle. Though only meant for the King of the Crescent Isle, the King made a narrow escape that took away his kingdom and transformed his subjects into more »

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