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“Black Dynamite” Adult Swim Pilot (NSFW)

From adultswim ” In this unaired pilot for the upcoming Black Dynamite series, our ass-kickin-friend-of-the-community Black Dynamite takes on his childhood mentor and surrogate father: That Frog Kurtis, a Puppet TV educator turned super villain! ”

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ISS Will Broadcast First Streaming HD Video of Earth

From popsci ” A Canadian company called UrtheCast (don’t ask us why it’s spelled this way) arranged a deal with Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to bring two cameras to the International Space Station sometime later this year, where they will be mounted on the exterior. The video will be downlinked to Earth and broadcast online.”

Robert Alvarado Photography

From juxtapozRobert Alvarado has a taste for something sweet, erotically inclined with a certain, tattooed, cotton candy contemporary edge. “I have always appreciated the female form and, growing up in the late 50′s early 60′s, I can recall looking at all the magazines with illustrations of women. I have basically turned those memories into the art form you see in my images today”. ”

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Woman arrested for filming police

From ” This video allegedly shows how on May 12th, a Rochester woman was arrested for taping a traffic stop in front of her home. She was standing in front of her house with a hand held recording device when the arrest happened. Officer Mario Masic of the Rochester Police Department executed the arrest. ”

Read more @ rt.com

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Google & Takashi Murakami – The First Day of Summer

Google and Takashi Murakami celebrate the first day of summer. Murakami has an upcoming show at the  Gagosian Gallery from June 27 – August 5, 2011.

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Bogus Journey art by Matt Tobin

$40.00 @ london1888

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Golden Voice Ted Williams Does Mac & Cheese Commercial

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Homeless Man With Golden Announcer Voice: Ted Williams

Excerpt  from dispatch.com
Only days ago, he was a homeless beggar who spent days holding a cardboard sign and nights sleeping in a makeshift tent behind an abandoned gas station.
This morning, he’s in New York for an appearance on the Today show, suddenly famous after millions of people worldwide heard the former radio employee’s “golden voice” in an online video.
“I feel like Susan Boyle,” Williams, 53, said yesterday. “Or Justin Bieber.
“It’s almost choking me.”
At a North Side highway exit ramp last month, Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth III shot a video of Williams demonstrating what his sign described as his “God-given gift of voice.”
Posted on Dispatch.com on Monday and then uploaded to YouTube, the video has since attracted almost 8.5 million views and yielded for Williams numerous interview requests, as well as potential job offers from the likes of MTV, ESPN and the National Football League.
Yesterday, Williams told Fox 8 in Cleveland that he plans to take a gig with the Cleveland Cavaliers, which offered him full-time announcing work and a house.”

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Excerpt From revision3.com “The Ben Heck Show
New episodes: Mondays
Join master hacker, engineer, and conjurer of cool stuff Ben Heck as he tackles a new project every other week. Submit YOUR idea for what Ben should build next at BenHeck@Revision3.com.
Watch the latest episode:Building Specialized Game Controllers

Find out more @ revision3.combenheck.com, & youtube.com

“In 2020 We Can Wear Sony Computers On Our Wrist”

Excerpt From yankodesign.com “In 2020 We Can Wear Sony Computers On Our Wrist

Our present need for internet connectivity is so profound that secondary devices like the Nextep Computer are bound to happen. Developed to be worn as a bracelet, this computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a holographic projector (for screen), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility, make the concept plausible. Ten years from now is not too far away, so how many of you think we’d be buying such gadgets?

Designer: Hiromi Kiriki”

VIA yankodesign.com

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