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Animeland Wasabi Pre-Party Cosplay Photos

Some members of Hyphytek went to the Animeland Wasabi pre-party . To see the rest of the cosplay gallery click here.

Princess Tutu review by Maris Kelley

Princess Tutu

I know what you’re thinking: “You’re subjecting us to yet another fluffy shoujo anime?” Though it looks like the girliest mahou shoujo anime this side of Tokyo Mew-Mew, trust me, it’s not. Princess Tutu takes the archetypal magical-girl formula, sets it in a ballet academy in an ambiguously German town and has its heroine heal people through the power of emotional expression. This particular magical-girl plot has an unusual twist; our heroine is a duck who, when given a magic pendant, can transform into a girl who can in turn transform into Princess Tutu. She yearns to restore the heart of Mytho, the mysterious but gifted dancer and BMOC at the ballet academy. But Mytho’s childhood friend, Fakir, and Mytho’s girlfriend, Rue, are determined not to let Mytho’s heart become whole again and fight against Tutu. But do any of these characters act of their own free will, or are they simply cogs in a greater plan? Imagine if Kafka rewrote the Grimms’ canon; that’s the most succinct way I can think of to describe Princess Tutu. more »

G Gundam review by Archer

Archer anime review

Mobile Suite G Gundam


G Gundam was one of the first series I ever watched, and was one of the reasons I fell in love with anime. G Gundam was created in 1994 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the franchise. This anime is very different from the other Gundam series, which has caused it to be some what shunned by the Otaku’s of the series. The show takes place in “Future Century”, a war that is fought in which a fighting tournament is held every four years between the space colonies. Each country sends a representative Gundam Fighter to fight on Earth until one is left, and the winning nation earns the right to govern over the colonies for the next four years. G Gundam follows Neo-Japan’s fighter Domon Kasshu during the 13th Gundam Fight. He is in the fight both to win and to track down his brother, who had stolen a mysterious Gundam—the Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam in the American version)—from the Neo-Japan government. An English version was aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block from August 5, 2002 to more »

Nana review by Maris Kelley


Ai Yazawa + Madhouse = a beautifully-rendered tale of ambition, love, friendship, angst and music. NANA, based on the long-running manga of the same name, is arguably Yazawa’s most famous work. It presents the story of two girls named Nana, who could not be more different. They meet by chance on a train to Tokyo, where sweet, naïve Nana Komatsu is moving to be with her boyfriend. She meets hardened musician Nana Oosaki, who hopes to live her dream as a singer with her band, Blast. When fate finds them looking at the same apartment, they decide to become roommates. The series follows them as they pursue their dreams, deal with romantic entanglements and become friends.

Animation: 10/10

It’s Madhouse; how could the animation be anything but stunning? They have successfully translated Yazawa’s illustrations to animation, retaining her distinctive look while giving it that more »


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Canaan review by xARTURIAx

xARTURIAx’s Anime Reviews

Type-Moon’s Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi have teamed up once again to create a new, action packed, thrill-ride, titled Canaan. Canaan, a 13-episode anime series, is based on one of Japan’s best selling, and greatly awarded, Nintendo Wii title “428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de”. Also a Kinoko Nasu story, 428 introduces us to the main plotline of the Canaan anime series…but of course, I’ve never had a chance to play this Wii game (stupid regional coding crap…). Even with this factor, this anime seems to have summed up the basis of the 428 plots pretty well, and with its recent US release on to Blu-Ray and DvD, Canaan is sure to spawn its own collection of fans. As stated before, the series presents itself as an action-packed ball of gun slinging joy  (if that makes any sense at all…), and for those who are fans of Kinoko Nasu’s other works (Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, Witch of the Holy Night, just to name a few) his newest animated series will surely not disappoint! more »

Burst Angel review by Archer

Archers anime review
Burst angle (Bakuretsu Tenshi)

Burst Angel, or Bakuretsu Tenshi, was originally aired on TV Asahi from April 6, 2004 to September 14, 2004. There were 24 episodes aired and on march 23, 2007, Burst Angle was released by Gonzo and licensed by FUNimation in Canada. The US. Burst Angle is a funny action packed sci-fi anime that will hook you in from the first episode, at least that’s what it did to me. It is one of 4 anime I have watched more then once and will watch again. The anime’s zany humor, along with the tear jerking drama, is mixed with action packed fights that will keep you wanting to pop in the next disk. On November 13, 2007 FUNimation released an OVA, titled Burst Angel: Infinity, and in 2008 Tokyopop released a 3 volume manga, telling Jo and Meg’s story prior to the events presented in the anime. more »

Tokyo Game Show 2010 Cosplay

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Battle of the Booth Babes

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