Mega-Chub Man in Street Fighter X Tekken?

Waking up should be a grand act full of coughing and butt scratching.
This morning included a slap to the face from Capcom’s announcement of 5
new characters for  Street Fighter X Tekken, but for the Playstation3 and Vita. The character list just adds to the sting.

Mega Man

Pac Man

Cole (Infamous)

Kuro/Toro (Sony mascots)

Focusing on which characters matter, the men come to Street Fighter X Tekken in unconventional fighting form. Mega Man is all grown up sporting his original US box art look and proudly strutting a beer gut. Pac Man jumps into the fight riding a wooden robot and shooting out to bash enemies with his ball like body. Sure people who own Sony products have the other two, or three, but who really cares. Cole doesn’t have anime eyes and suffering from girl problems and the cats aren’t drunk. Why would this grand news leave a mark on my face? I own a 360.  Microsoft, if you are not going to give me a real Metal Gear to play least at least make Mega “Gut” Man a playable character. Even as DLC, Please?


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