Curse of the Crescent Isle Review by Jarod Sanchez

Curse of the Crescent Isle

Genre: Platformer

Developer: AdamTheOtaku

Available: Xbox 360 Indie Games Marketplace

Price: 80msp/$1

Overall score: 9

Curse of the Crescent Isle applies a blocky world to present a tale of a kingdom attacked by an evil figure. Not a new story; Curse of the Crescent Isle uses a premise that has been used time and time again. What freshens up this platformer is a switch of perspective that is a rarity. Even with a twist using a dated game design crates issues at times that can make this game a chore. Though every chore is rewarding and Curse of the Crescent Isle is no different.

A Warlock brings on the curse during the wedding of the Princess of the Crescent Isle and Prince of the Northern Isle. Though only meant for the King of the Crescent Isle, the King made a narrow escape that took away his kingdom and transformed his subjects into monsters. All is left to the King to save the Crescent Isle from the Warlock’s curse. Few video games place the player as the “King,” or in the position of the authority. Unlike the perspective of a “Hero,” typically a random character without cause beyond the “King’s” order. Shouldering the personal responsibility from the start provided deeper motive to be successful and see the fruits of my labor. After every boss fight a portion of the cures is broken, mending the kingdom. With returned subjects to speak with is a nice reward as they thank and provide players with information. All of which compelled myself into the playing Curse of the Crescent Isle straight though. Which brought on an ending that will be a punch to the gut; with a final twists that left me with some shock. Proving that a thoughtful shake-up of a common video game tale can do wonders.

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