New Music: Lazerbeak Video “Land’s End” from Upcoming Album

As an ex-Plastic Constellations member and current producer for the likes of P.O.S. and Wale, Doomtree collective member Lazerbeak knows a thing or two about the unconventional. And “Lands End,” with its graffiti-Tron imagery; eccentric, outer-galaxy production; and Lazer’s Robert Del Naja-channeling streams of consciousness, weaves between influences and around expectations.

And if the single is any indication, Legend Recognize Legend (out September 28 through Doomtree Records) will be a conversation-starter, and help blur the too-often divisive, or crudely overlapped, lines between the several different genres in play at once.

So make sure to support indie culture’s boundary-busting weirdos, and view the 8-bit headtrip that is “Land’s End”…

Lazerbeak – “Land’s End” from on Vimeo.

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  1. I do not try to boogie better compared to anyone else. I only attempt to dance better than myself

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