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Rad Omen Free Album Download

So we posted their video for the song “Rad Anthem” awhile ago here. Now however their full album is available for free below. I’ve also incuded a player below that allows you to listen to the whole album first.

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The Superhero Project

Abner Preis Interview Oct. 2010 / The Superhero Project from Harlan Levey Projects on Vimeo.

“The Superhero Project was inspired by recent legislations to ban the use of Burqas based on a vague notion of an ‘ideal society,’ in which such clothing is not appropriate. Preis seeks to alter the mindset of people as they begin to feel and dress like heroes. He maintains that wearing a mask puts people in the condition to address issues about civil liberties and democracy, and encourages people to ask how important the idea of an ideal society is when like Superheroes, it is a product of our imagination. This week in Brussels on October 22 in the context of Parcours Modo 2010, an itinerant fashion event in Brussels the HLP space will be opening with an exhibition dedicated to the Superhero Project, which will host a public performances and tours around the Parcours where visitors can dress up as superheroes.” VIA

City Music Berlin

This is an awesome idea. Bringing music to everyone in Berlin .

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The Fat Cap Chair

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Urban Camoflage

New Video: M.anifest – Coming to America Prod. By Budo

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New Video: J-Live “The Way That I Rhyme” ft. Boog Brown

J-Live f/ Boog Brown “The Way That I Rhyme” VIDEO from J-LIVE on Vimeo.

“Official” viral web video for J-Live’s summer banger “The Way That I Rhyme” featuring Boog Brown. This track is on J-Live’s new 6 song EP “Undivided Attention” which comes out Nov 2nd digitally and on vinyl. “Directed” by J-Live, shot by Anthony Alston & J-Live, edited by Eljay Williams. Song produced by Korede.

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Jon Naar

Stussy – Jon Naar from Stussy on Vimeo.

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Unlimited Blade Works Movie Review

Unlimited blade works

xARTURIAx’s Anime Reviews

-Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works-

In 2004, Type-Moon released their second 18+ Visual Novel for the PC, titled Fate/Stay Night. Soon after it’s release, Fate/Stay Night took the Japanese gaming world by storm. With its in-depth character bases and action packed plotlines, Fate/Stay Night erupted into more than just a computer-based dating-sim. Increasing popularity of the 3-route game nearly forced the Type-Moon team to expand its horizon. In 2006, a 13+ anime was released, and only a few years later the anime was scooped up by Funimation and released in the States. Thanks to the English adaption of the series its popularity spread like wildfire. The anime centered mainly on the Fate scenario of the PC game (the first of three scenarios represented by the game). Although centered on Fate, the anime allowed a quick look into the other two scenarios as well; the Unlimited Blade Works route and the Heaven’s Feel route. After years of contemplation, Type-Moon finally decided to give their second scenario, Unlimited Blade Works, an animated title of their own. On January 23rd, 2010, Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works was released in Japanese theaters. After 8 months of anticipation, the movie has FINALLY been released onto BluRay and DvD, nabbing a number one sales spot in the process.

Being an overly obsessed Fate/Stay fan myself, I HAD to grab a copy of this movie; not only to satisfy my own needs, but to prove to myself that a long ass scenario like Unlimited Blade Works could be worked into a 1hr 50min movie. I have to say, this movie did not disappoint. Type-Moon was able to include every detail about the UBW scenario that actually meant something to the initial plotline. Of course, if I had never played the PC game myself then I would have been hopelessly confused throughout the entire film. This would have mattered little to me, because the fight scenes were so damn cool, but some of you may be more interested in the actual plotline of the film…so in other words, don’t bother seeing this movie if you have not played the game (unless you just want to witness some great 2010 animated fight scenes)! Like stated before, I HAVE played the Fate/Stay Night 18+ PC game, so the movie was just that more enjoyable to watch. Anyway, on with the review!

Animation: 9/10

Even when Fate/Stay Night was originally released as an anime series, the animation style did not disappoint. This movie only ups the beauty of the Fate/Stay Night universe. Although relatively basic, the animation style used in this movie was very vivid, and detail was obviously key. The colors were bright, vibrant, and like eye candy to those who already drool over the appearance of Saber on a bigger screen…

The special effects were a bit odd at points throughout the movie, but they still made the scenes look frikin’ awesome. Of course Lancer’s Gea’ Bolg has to light up every time he uses it, and of course the image has to be inverted when Shirou senses something amiss…but that’s just Fate/Stay Night for you. The effects are not terribly distracting, but a bit unneeded at points.

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Minecraft Review

Minecraft Review
By Candace Werner
Gameplay – 8
Sound – 4
Graphics – 9 (even though its 8-bit, it works well)
Customization – 10
Overall – 8

Minecraft is not the best game in the world. Yet.

Minecraft has become a sensation all over the net and within the gaming community and has already been featured in PC Gamer and Penny Arcade. Though it’s only a year old, this game has reached one of the top slots and has been called “the best game in the world”.

The basis of the game is to build and survive; building is rather easy. The simple game play makes building some of the most spectacular things easy. Time consuming, yes. Aggravating, yes. Architecturally difficult, yes but still easy. Clicking a single button to place a block, simple! Not only are you creating buildings, you can make armor, food, and little tidbits to put in your new structure(s). Meanwhile, while everything that you can create is impressive how you customize in this game is out of this world. It is possible to customize every minuscule detail of your character to your specifications, what else is there in life? Given, you have to use a different program, but in retrospect it will be well worth the extra effort. Should you not feel like doing this, go to the Minecraft forums and get one there. Simple!

Now that we’re off that tangent, back to gameplay goodness. Then comes nightfall, and the entire world makes a 180 which causes zombies, skeletons, creepers and spiders to spawn and begin to stalk you. They want your soul, your brains, or to simply smash you into dust. In order to properly obliterate these guys, by all means, make a sword to defend yourself which normally works well (if you’re lucky). However, the smartest course of action for those of you terrified of boo gags, (myself included), is to build a safe haven. From there, just wait until morning and the sun will burn the bastards, except the spiders who are bigger bastards. Regretfully or preferably (whichever you prefer) the spiders you will have to just stab to a bloody pulp of nothingness. Basically, Minecraft is like Legos on the computer with a zombie trying to eat your brains. more »

“Benevolent Mischief”

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