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Video!!! Street Fighter X Tekken Spreads The Love

Capcom gives the world a Valentine’s Day gift in the form of the final character listing for Street Fighter X Tekken.

M. Bison



Jin Kazama

Then I knew Jin, Bison, and the red head would show up to the party. Though Ogre is kind of an odd choice. Roger Jr is a character that deserves to bash Ryu in the undercarriage.

E3 Montage by Domaniac

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Hitman: Absolution: Official Trailer

Sony Playstation Vita

From playstation ” The World is in Play,  Take on opponents across the globe while you take a bus across town. Control every movement with the tap of a finger or blow up enemy fighters soaring through your living room. Some of your favorite PS3 brands, and some new titles developed just for PlayStation®Vita let you discover a gaming experience with no limits. The world is in play. Brand new ways to play,  Transform your world. With front and rear cameras, you can turn kitchen counters into a fight ring or office boardrooms into a battlefield. Augmented Reality (AR) technology for PlayStation®Vita brings your physical world into the PlayStation® world.  Interact with the world. Wi-Fi and 3G* capabilities pinpoint the location of nearby opponents, send friends on treasure hunts, and keep the world updated on your rank.  Non-stop action. Literally. Keep the intensity up at home or on the go. With Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, you can pick up games right where you left off, even from your PS3™ system. ”

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Nintendo Wii U

From nintendo ” Discover an exciting new way to enjoy home entertainment with Wii U, Nintendo’s next home console. With a revolutionary new touch screen controller, precision motion controls, and full HD graphics, a whole new world of play styles and gaming possibilities is on the horizon. The time is coming to truly expand your idea about what a game console is—and can be. ”

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Gotham City Impostors HD Gameplay Trailer

From ” Gotham City Impostors is an original download-only first-person shooter where up to 12 players battle for control of an unhinged Gotham City overrun by impostors inspired by the DC Comics characters Batman and The Joker. Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer game unlike any other, giving players the opportunity to rebel against conformity as they customize their own characters. Posing as amateur vigilantes or villains, gamers will create their very own Bats and Jokerz characters using unprecedented customization options including insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons. ”

Killer Freaks Trailer [North America]

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception E3 Gameplay Demo

Batman: Arkham City Catwoman E3 Gameplay Demo

” Batman is back with ‘Arkham City’ and we’ve got a hands on demo of the sequel. Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb talk to Sefton Hill about the new environment and new villains like Catwoman! Learn more in this Batman: Arkham City E3 2011 gameplay video.”

Official Hitman Absolution E3 Trailer

From” Agent 47, the Hitman, going back to work in this trailer for Hitman: Absolution. The Hitman series favors stealth and planning over balls to the wall action, leading to tense stalking and infiltration based gameplay.”

Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference Video

From” Nintendo’s entire Press Conference from E3 2011, featuring the unveiling of Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, as well as lots of Zelda news and 3DS games including Mario Kart, Star Fox 64 and Kid Icarus: Uprising.”

Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Video

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