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Prototype 2′s RAD Pre-Order Bonuses

Behind-the-Scenes video! Alternate costumes! Rewards for completing weekly challenges! If you are too young to remember how even some PlayStation 2 games had these features; then buying Prototype 2 on launch day is for you! Starting April 27th Radical Entertainment will have a seven week window for players to gain access to RADNET with a purchase of a new copy of Prototype 2. RADNET promises 55 parted out DLC throughout the seven weeks that include friend vs. friend competitive score challenges, to Avatar items. After seven weeks the free RADNET content becomes locked.

Even with this call to action my butt remains pretty firm on the recliner. With a PS2 I can experiences all these features, and Gackt, in Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Heck, it is about $41 on Amazon if anyone wants to feel like paying new-ish prices. A true Hail Mary to quench used game guilt.


Castlevania Harmony of Despair review by Joseph Dunn

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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX review by Emerson Brooks

Pac-Man Champio

What can I say about a game that looks like it could be the centerpiece at a rave? I can say that this game could give you one hell of a seizure (I know my eyes hurt after extended play); I could say the soundtrack offers some incredibly catchy tunes whilst traversing the ghost-filled mazes. However, the best thing to be said here is how this sequel has managed to take the initial formula from the previous Championship Edition and expand on it so well that among Pac-man games, this one easily stands on a class of it’s own. more »

New Music: Danny Brown – Cartiers

If you don’t have Danny Brown’s album The Hybrid yet you need to. It’s 6 dollars on amazon below is his song Cartiers and a couple interviews with him.
Danny Brown “Cartier” by 14KT
On a blistery and cold Michigan night, Detroit rapper Danny Brown emerges from his Royal Oak apartment dressed like some kind of hood hipster. Sporting a bone-tight pair of stone-washed jeans, black Chuck Taylors, an old-school flat-brimmed Detroit Pistons hat, and a shoulder-slung Spider-Man bag that has seen better days, it’s hard to imagine that this is the same emcee responsible for crafting some of the most graphically detailed street raps for the last year in underground hip hop — in the 313 and nationwide.
See the rest of the interview here.

New Music: Strong Arm Steady “Klack or Get Klacked”


Free Music: Swizz Beatz & DJ Runna “Swizz Beatz vs. Fela Kuti Pt. 1″

For this week’s Monster Mondays, Swizzy switches things up. He teams up with DJ Runna to release a nine-track collection mash up with the sounds of Nigerian musician Fela Kuti. Africa is far, but it’s also after the jump.

1. Fela Intro
2. Touch It (Touch It / Chop & Quench)
3. Money in the Bank / Yellow Fever
4. Get Me Bodied / No Agreement
5. Swing Your Rag / Who No Know Go Know
6. It’s Me Snitches / Kalakuta Show
7. Tambourine / African Woman
8. Check Up On It / Gentleman
9. Fela Outro

Download here

Free Music: Senor Kaos “The Most Interesting MC in the World”


He once ran a marathon backwards, just so he could see
what second place looks like. He can also speak fluent
braille and is a part time international relations liaison, a
falconeer and an extreme parkour instructor.
He Is Señor Kaos, “The Most Interesting MC In The World!”
Download here, tracklisting on the next page

Download: Kanye West Dark Twisted Fantasy -Samples

So over at Frolab they tracked down all the samples for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy. The track listing and download links are below.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – My Beautiful dark Twisted Fantasy: the Samples

  1. Mike Oldfield – “In High Places” [Dark Fantasy]
  2. The Turtles – “You Showed Me” [Gorgeous]
  3. Cold Grits – “It’s Your Thing” [Power]
  4. King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man” [Power]
  5. Continent No. 6 – “Afromerica” [Power]
  6. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – “You” [So Appalled]
  7. Smokey Robinson – ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” [Devil In A New Dress]
  8. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – “The Basment” [Runaway]
  9. Backyard Heavies – “Expo ’83″ [Runaway]
  10. The Mojo Men – “She’s My Baby” [Hell Of A Life]
  11. Black Sabbath – “Iron Man” [Hell Of A Life]
  12. Tony Joe White – “Stud-Spider” [Hell Of A Life]
  13. Aphex Twin – “Avril 14th” [Blame Game]
  14. Bon Iver – “The Woods” [Lost In The World]
  15. Manu Dibango – “Soul Makossa” [Lost In The World]
  16. Lyn Collins – “Think” [Lost In The World]
  17. Gil-Scott Heron – “Comment #1″ [Lost In The World / Who Will Survive In America]

New Music: Slim Thug “Smell Good”

From his #Thugthursday on twitter. Slim Thug’s song “Smell Good” below.


Travis barker feat. RZA and Raekwon “Carry It”

In a recent HipHopDX interview Travis Barker spoke briefly on his untitled solo project: “It’s been amazing. Everyone from like RZA, and Raekwon to Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Slaughterhouse. It’s crazy. It’s been really really fun. We just got Kurupt on a song, so I’ve been working my butt off. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” The audio for the song Carry It is below. The video should be out soon. more photos below.

TravisBarkerftRZA-Raekwon- CarryIt

Free Music: Vboy Swerv Mixtape Magnum Music Vol 2

New Mixtape by Swerv. Including tracks with Raekwon and others.
Download mixtape here

New Music: J. Cole “Villematic”

J. Cole said he’s going to release a mixtape before his studio album now. Here is his version of Kanye’s Devil in a New Dress. J. Cole’s version > Kanye West’s IMO. Download below

J. Cole- Villematic

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