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Video!!! Street Fighter X Tekken Spreads The Love

Capcom gives the world a Valentine’s Day gift in the form of the final character listing for Street Fighter X Tekken.

M. Bison



Jin Kazama

Then I knew Jin, Bison, and the red head would show up to the party. Though Ogre is kind of an odd choice. Roger Jr is a character that deserves to bash Ryu in the undercarriage.

Love + Light: A Fun new Art Adventure in Downtown Loveland!

If you have not yet checked out the first annual event at the historic Feed and Grain building in Loveland you still have a chance. Going on this weekend February 10th through the 12th Love + Light showcases an energizing assortment of local artists from multiple disciplines that is sure to please everyone.

When I first arrived on Friday night I was not sure what to expect. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about the evening given the very small amount of information I had about the event. When I first arrived in the area I had no idea that the masses of people and cars were all there to see the show. There was a fifteen minute line outside the building to get in because the fire code only permits them to have 72 people in the building at a time. This made for a pleasantly populated space inside with just the right amount of room to get around and see the displays. Outside live performers kept the spectators entertained with musical light performances and fire dancing.

The wide range of artwork included everything from abstract constructions, steam punk technology, speaking narratives, color changing light art, photography and even a large oil paining gallery. The displays are located in several buildings around the grounds with a nicely decorated school buss dedicated to children’s art, an outdoor area with ice sculptures, the main building housing the bulk of the art and a building just for photography featuring a display from G. Mark Lewis in its main front room with rooms showcasing other photographers as well.

From the classic to the freshly invented Love + Light is a show worth seeing. Did I mention that its free?

Historic Loveland Feed and Grain, 130 W 3rd, Loveland, CO


Nicktoons MLB Predicts the Texas Rangers Will Claim The World Series

SpongeBob, Fanboy, Ren, Stimpy and More Join the Rangers and Cardinals Rosters with Stunning Results!


NEW YORK- October 26, 2011 – With three games in the bag, the Texas Rangers will take on the St. Louis Cardinals again in Game 6 of the World Series. The outcome of this game could clinch the series for Texas, unless St. Louis can pull out a win and force Game 7. Who will be the victor? A simulation run by 2K Play’s Nicktoons MLB predicts that with some animated help, the Rangers will triumph, 6 to 5, in Game 6 to win their first Commissioner’s Trophy as World Series champions.


In the simulation, both teams were given a boost by the addition of top Nickelodeon Nicktoons talent. Stepping into the dugout with the Rangers was SpongeBob SquarePants, ZIM, Fanboy, Katara and the indomitable Powdered Toast Man. Not to be outdone, the Cardinals were joined by the animated power-players Patrick Star, GAZ, Chum Chum, Aang and Stimpy. Since rain is forecasted for Game 6 in St. Louis, the Nicktoons MLB game was moved for precautionary reasons to the more stable, albeit freezing, climate of Frosty Freeze Field. Among the game-changing highlights:

  • Cardinals’ CF Jon Jay hit a frozen rope and legged out a triple for the first hit of the game in the 2nd inning and later scored.
  • In the 4th inning, Albert Pujols mashed a two-run homer off SpongeBob for a 3-0 St. Louis lead.
  • Rangers’ slugger Mike Napoli drove Stimpy’s stinkball into the gap, scoring ZIM in the 5th.
  • Michael Young slid under the tag attempt of Aang in the 6th, later scoring to take the lead.
  • Katara went down swinging with the bases loaded as catcher Yadier Molina called for a fastball to end the Rangers’ threat.
  • In the bottom of the 9th, Adrian Beltre’s miraculous two-out diving catch strands Patrick Star on third base and secures the Rangers’ first-ever World Series!


I really like the Epic Meal Time wall!

Find out more @

Video & Photos: JoseEnriqueMontesHernandez.

Via ironlak

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Nyan cat

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Nike Back For The Future

From: NikeB4TF ” Introducing the future of Nike Footwear. The 2011 Nike MAG shoes have
arrived. 1500 of the famous, LED-electroluminescent shoes will be
auctioned on eBay, Sept 8th – Sept 18th. All net proceeds from the
auction sales will go directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for
Parkinson’s Research. ”

Shoe 2

Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)




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Creepy Korean Web Comic!


Alex Pardee “Attack The Block” Love letter

From eyesuckink ” Occasionally I will stumble upon something that will be so inspiring that I feel I have to shove everything to the side and just start scribbling. Well, this weekend is one of those times. I saw Joe Cornish’s alien-invasion movie “Attack The Block” the other day and I was so refreshingly blown away by it I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I drew this for funsies:


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A trip to first time festival Kanrockas

Is it possible for Kanrockas to make it past their first year and possibly even last longer in Kansas than Walkarusa did?

Just looking at the line up it’s obvious that promoters wanted a diverse mix of acts that could please anyone, with Eminem and Muse headlining a cast of artist such as  STS9, Girl Talk, Primus, The Flaming Lips, Bassnectar and Ween just to name a few it wouldn’t be hard. With such a big line up and a huge venue this festival had a lot of potential for blowing up! So arriving at Kansas City Speed way in the early hours of the morning I expected to see the usual line of cars camped for the night waiting to get in. Surprisingly we were among the first twenty cars in line. Something that was great for us but I felt set a tone that this festival wasn’t going to meet promoters expectations for crowd size. I had also found out that they decided not to raise ticket prices the weekend of the festival like advertised, which I took as another sign of poor ticket sales. Though the line did start to take shape a couple hours before the gates opened to let everyone in, which gave some life and promise to what was to come for the rest of the weekend. Once inside the gates and parked  in our camping spot it became apparent how large the Kansas City Speedway really is. It was something awesome to look at and I was in a bit of awe, but in the end it did make the experience a little bit harder.

The hike from the closer camping spots to the festival grounds was the usual trek made at any festival, but once inside it was another hike down a few flights of stairs and the angled race track before you reached the festival grounds. Now with the prices for food and alcohol set were they are at festivals these days being able to return to the campgrounds is essential and with the stairs and race track it became a long weekend. Once inside and staring out over the festival grounds it was easy to see how much room there was to work with and how well executed the set up of the stages was. The three stages and Critical Mass tent surrounded the rest of the festival grounds; this made all the music the same distance from all the food tucks and vendors. A really great set up for fans to easily experience all the music possible and with multiple mist tents and free water spots across the festival grounds the promoters really tried to make hydration easy for everyone.

There where a couple lacking points that caught me by surprise.  First I’ll never understand how a backpack is any different than a large camel pack, humongous purse, or side pack. A back pack is an essential part of festival gear, and all the ban on back packs this year did was sell me on a large camel pack, which is the smart choice anyways! Second the festivals schedule was set up great there was always something to listen to, but not everyone wants to hear every band at the festival. Kanrockas could have used a lot more attractions out side the music. The Ferris wheel looked cool but wasn’t worth the price and the water slide just didn’t cut it. There where many great artist creating amazing live work as well as displaying it in an art gallery by the Critical Mass tent. Sadly though the only thing to do for free, which made me cringe a bit cause I don’t smoke was hang in the Marlboro truck. Offering air conditioning, a place to hang with couches, a free photo booth, music downloads and non alcoholic drinks to any one 21 w/id and an email, the Marlboro truck beat the heat and Kanrokas for things to do during down time. Which I have to say again to a festival that sports an angled race track and flights of stairs as the path to and from the camp sites, the more attractions inside the better! Over all Kanrockas had a stellar line up, setup and schedule that made me happy to be part of the first year. Hopefully what seemed like a low attendance won’t stop the promoters from trying again next year.

Will it out last the Wakarusa run in Kansas, only time will tell?

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