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Fallout New Vegas review by Emerson Brooks

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic era; almost all vegetation has been destroyed, most water has become undrinkable and humanity clings desperately to survive while a host of mutated threats and the seemingly endless, radiated wasteland pick away at any hope remaining. This is the world of Fallout. It’s a world seemingly trapped in time; worn war propaganda is scattered throughout and bottle caps are the only currency that will get you food, water and weapons. This story of civilization’s darkest hour has been depicted through several Fallout games, putting players in control of a single protagonist who wanders the wasteland searching for answers to his/her own conflicts and slowly discovering and revealing the wasteland around them. more »

Batman: Arkham City Teaser Trailer & Screenshots

I hear the Joker overdoses in this one .

Final Fantasy XIV Interview

Hyphytek’s interview with Tanaka Hiromichi over Final Fantasy XIV by JoneOneWing and Domaniac

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The E3 Montage Video

Exclusive Portal 2 Footage From E3 2010

This footage was taken by JoeOneWing and Domaniac. Hyphytek was one of the few media teams at E3 this year that actually had access to the Portal 2 Booth. Enjoy!

Mario Sports Mix

Footage from E3 Expo 2010 of the Mario Sports Mix presentation at Nintendo’s Press Conference.

Call of Duty Black Ops Team Interview

This is the interview that JoeOneWing and Domaniac had with two members of the Call of Duty Black Ops team at E3 2010. Enjoy, there are more interviews to come in the next couple of days.

E3 2010 – If E3 Was Like High School

VIA by Scott Bromley

Battle of the Booth Babes

The E3 Pics and Recap

The Force Unleashed 2

The Star Wars® Saga continues with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the highly anticipated sequel to the fastest-selling Star Wars game ever created, which has sold more than seven million copies worldwide. In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the world was introduced to Darth Vader’s now fugitive apprentice, Starkiller—the unlikely hero who would ignite the flames of rebellion in a galaxy so desperately in need of a champion.

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Twisted Metal 2010

This is just a B-Roll video but it looks pretty awesome. Here is some info on the game. Click more down below for some screenshots of the game.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC
Developer: Eat Sleep Play, Inc.
Platform: PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system
Genre: Car Combat
Players: 2-4 player Split Screen / up to 16 online
Release: 2011
Rating: Rating Pending

Twisted Metal®, the longest running franchise in PlayStation® history and the multi-million selling series is now back, exclusively on the PS3™ system. David Jaffe and Scott Campbell, co-founders of Eat Sleep Play and the original creative team behind Twisted Metal, bring back the dark humor, fast-action gameplay and a world of cars, guns and destruction.

With four factions battling for control, players step into the combat boots of a twisted disciple in a high octane, highly destructible world. Players fight for the prize of one wish fulfilled by the stylishly evil Calypso, the mastermind behind the Twisted Metal tournament. Disciples strategically dismantle opponents in vehicles loaded with weapons of Twisted destruction.

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