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We’ve Moved Our Site!!

Hyphytek has been moved over to click here to see the new improved website! 

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Remake of Karateka in Development???

Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia, announces the remake of Karateka as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 sometime this year.

Karateka was a one man operation where Mechner created the game in his dorm room at Yale for the Apple II. Yes, so that means the 80′s. Feudal Japan is the world Karateka brought players. With the simple task of defeating waves of karate men to recuse your girlfriend.

Yes, a timeless video game tale.

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Love + Light: A Fun new Art Adventure in Downtown Loveland!

If you have not yet checked out the first annual event at the historic Feed and Grain building in Loveland you still have a chance. Going on this weekend February 10th through the 12th Love + Light showcases an energizing assortment of local artists from multiple disciplines that is sure to please everyone.

When I first arrived on Friday night I was not sure what to expect. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about the evening given the very small amount of information I had about the event. When I first arrived in the area I had no idea that the masses of people and cars were all there to see the show. There was a fifteen minute line outside the building to get in because the fire code only permits them to have 72 people in the building at a time. This made for a pleasantly populated space inside with just the right amount of room to get around and see the displays. Outside live performers kept the spectators entertained with musical light performances and fire dancing.

The wide range of artwork included everything from abstract constructions, steam punk technology, speaking narratives, color changing light art, photography and even a large oil paining gallery. The displays are located in several buildings around the grounds with a nicely decorated school buss dedicated to children’s art, an outdoor area with ice sculptures, the main building housing the bulk of the art and a building just for photography featuring a display from G. Mark Lewis in its main front room with rooms showcasing other photographers as well.

From the classic to the freshly invented Love + Light is a show worth seeing. Did I mention that its free?

Historic Loveland Feed and Grain, 130 W 3rd, Loveland, CO


Military Grade 5375PPI OLED Screen Released from French Company, it’s Very Small.

When people think of displays with a resolution of 2560×2048 they might imagine something measuring 30 inches or more, God forbid it be some underwhelming massive screen with an abysmal pixel density such as todays HD TV’s.

MicroOLED has created a 4.5 megapixel display with just such the specifications and it fits right in front of your eye. Its new 0.61 inch display is powered by efficient OLED technology that allows it to create incredibly small pixels to achieve such high pixel density in less than an inch of area. This will allow them to create high resolution color (1280×1024) and black and white (2560×2048) viewfinders and head mounted displays.

The display is being built to meet military requirements and is being developed for medical professionals, for viewfinders in professional camera equipment and for night vision applications.
You can read more on their website and find out about their technology.

Jump Into Wakfu’s Open Beta

Starting today Square Enix and Ankama start open beta for Wakfu MMORPG. Wakfu is an anime inspired world where it is promised that a player’s actions effect Wakfu’s evolving ecosystem. Even with a political system where a player can run for office.

Sounds like a great opportunity for creative griefing. Can’t wait until the zoning board meetings.


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Zombies Don’t Use Spell Check!

Resident Evil Revel! is about to hit stores. If a player is really appalled by Revelations being misspelled they may contact Capcom customer  service, 650-350-6700, or and will receive a new insert for Resident Evil Revelations.

It does warm the heart that Capcom cares about it’s OCD afflected players.

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SWTOR Players Are Really Busy

After six weeks of playing Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Over 239 million in-game hours, or over 332,000 months and over 27,000 years of in-game time
  • Over 20 billion NPCs killed
  • Over 148 billion credits spent

As a supporter of NPC digicide I truly hope for triple the body count in another six weeks

Dragons, Zombies, and Pre-Order Bonuses!

Been craving this game since E3 2011! The wait for Dragon’s Dogma ends May 22nd and packed with a demo of Resident Evil 6. Yes, if you so wish to buy day one, 3 pre-order packs are available.  Amazon has the “Weapon Grade Pack” and Best Buy has the “Armor Upgrade Pack” with GameStop offering a “Pawn Upgrade Pack” to Capcom faithful.

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Prototype 2′s RAD Pre-Order Bonuses

Behind-the-Scenes video! Alternate costumes! Rewards for completing weekly challenges! If you are too young to remember how even some PlayStation 2 games had these features; then buying Prototype 2 on launch day is for you! Starting April 27th Radical Entertainment will have a seven week window for players to gain access to RADNET with a purchase of a new copy of Prototype 2. RADNET promises 55 parted out DLC throughout the seven weeks that include friend vs. friend competitive score challenges, to Avatar items. After seven weeks the free RADNET content becomes locked.

Even with this call to action my butt remains pretty firm on the recliner. With a PS2 I can experiences all these features, and Gackt, in Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Heck, it is about $41 on Amazon if anyone wants to feel like paying new-ish prices. A true Hail Mary to quench used game guilt.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2 ?

This may be a teaser for a new Ferris Bueller trailer that will air during Super Bowl 46 or it may just be a teaser for another Super Bowl ad!

Couldn’t have said it better myself

I tried to come up with a poignant statement for this post. But then I realized what the hell.


Take a minute to read the page by Razor if you are not already aware of the SOPA act and what it means.

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Qbala’s first video shoot

With camera’s rolling Kalhie Qbala makes her entrance into the party. She’s got swagger like she owns the place, a blunt in her hand and every word nailed down tight to the backing track for “My State of Dementia”. In front of the camera Qbala has the confidence and poise of any veteran musician. It’s like she’s made multiple music videos and maybe even had a reoccurring role on some police drama. I wish I could say the same for myself but with Hodi’s Half Note supplying two kegs of New Belgium’s new seasonal beer Snow Day and a Bacardi Girl anchoring this party down, I might have lost some of my poise. Luckily for me my beautiful girlfriend came with and made up for everything I was lacking. Everyone in the crowd looked great and brought the ruckus to the video. Even local rappers Mr. B and Aklock made an appearance at the party.

I love Kalhie’s work ethic and that she spared nothing to create a classic Hip Hop video that represented her. New Belgium, the different locations and even the Bacardi girl carrying a lit up bottle of Bacardi, all solidified the classy Fort Collins vibe, while DJ Dominic Deadbeat and scenes like the smoked out room or the confrontation with another girl, made this video classic. No matter how many takes were needed for any scene, Kalhie finished like a determined basketball player, straight to the hole. Just killing it the whole night, she never lost the energy she seems to rock daily in life.

Kalhie expressed that her lyrics represent who she is and that Fort Collins is a big part of that. She took the idea for the video straight from the lyrics of “My State of Dementia” and wanted to show off Fort Collins in the process. She tried to incorporate everything the town has offered to her, from local businesses to the many unique people. The sweet custom bike Kalhie rides around old town was made by her friend Adam. In fact out of the five locations used for the video( Pizza Casbah, Hodi’s Half Note, College Ave, her house and a private residence) the party scene at the private residence seems to be the only location lacking any sentimental notation. Kalhie keeps a strong connection to the owners and past coworkers of Pizza Casbah, right now everyone she lives with has worked at the restaurant at some point. Hodi’s Half Note, a local venue and what Kalhie describes as her home court is were you’ll find her regularly playing shows as well as kicking suckers out (she’s a bouncer there).

Keeping everything local Kalhie hired website to shoot the music video. It’s been fairly recent that the site has been getting involved in the local music scene, hosting a free download by local band ‘Press’, as well as videos and photo

s of multiple other bands. The music portion of seems to represent a visual catalog at this point, done for the love of music and filming. Hyphytek founder Kevin Lawley has already filmed Qbala’s live performances multiple times. He’s been a long time fan and jumped at the chance to shoot her first music video.  This was their first music video but Kalhie pointed out that Kevin and his partner Andrew were incredibly professional and helpful in the creative process that happens on set, helping to find different angles, perspectives and all the while keeping the camera’s rolling.  I was able to catch up with Kalhie and find out some of her inspiration and ideas for the video. Our conversation was great and I ended up obtaining way more information than I needed for this piece. Please check back in the near future for a video interview with Qbala. From their mouths, really is the best way to learn about your favorite artist! Click here to see Qbala’s music video “My State of Dementia”

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