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Colorado Cutthroat announce an upcoming 2 day gaming tourny for all.

Hello folks make sure to pay attention to Colorado Cutthroat for an upcoming tourny that’ll be amazing to attend. We have covered a past event back in July but now its time for the Hyphytek crew to make another trek. Whats really awesome about this is the fact that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be out then and it’ll be enough time for people to bring their serious game face on with it. Check out the website and the video we have for more info. Hope to see you all there.




Our day at Colorado Cutt Throat Supercon

Colorado Cutthroat Connection Super Con report

It’s about that time again when video game tournaments are at an all-time high. Los Angeles hosts EVO while Japan is home to Godsgarden, but unless you have the time and money to attend these (and if you do, we’re jealous), where is a local player to go to participate in such gaming events? The Colorado Cutthroat Connection event has you covered. These guys host about 5 tournaments every year all over the US. One of the more prominent ones was just held in Denver during the last weekend in July, and we were glad to attend. If you wish to partake in some fighting game goodness, this is the place to be.

When we departed for this event we weren’t sure what to expect, as our experience with fighting game tournaments had been limited to local anime cons, which is admittedly a very different atmosphere. Were the players going to be the dreaded anti-social stereotype of elite players, or would they welcome newcomers with open arms and freshly-modded controllers? I am grateful it turned out to be the latter, and in the end it was a rewarding and fun experience. I have never met a friendlier group of people for a gaming event. The Cutthroat guys definitely go out of their way to make sure you have fun at this mini gaming con. It’s a one day event that’s filled with more than just fighting game, since it has room for other types of gamers to have fun, even including space for some classic convention DDR. Their main focus is still the fighting games, of course. They were running tournaments all day long for Mortal Kombat, MVC3, Super Street Fighter 4 AE, and Blazblue. In addition they ran workshops in some of the other rooms instructing people on how to improve their skills, complete with random trivia for prizes. There is always something to do all day long regardless of your game preference.

It was a lot of fun and everyone there far exceeded expectations. We got some great tips on modding arcade sticks at the event which I have been excitedly working on in my spare time. For an event focused on fighting tournaments, these guys know how to do it right. And it’s not just a one-time event, they manage to keep it running multiple times throughout the year! The man in charge, Greg, is so dedicated that he has fighting game parties at his place just for people to come and enjoy the atmosphere. Anyone looking for some fellow players for a match or even just wanting some tips for major tournaments should check these guys out. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions either, you never know what handy tips you might pick up. These guys are exceptional and just want to do whatever they can to help improve your game.

Also look for their upcoming events partnered with Gamestop in the Colorado area. They have a full schedule planned for the fall and winter season this year and Hyphytek plans on attending just about all of them. I hope to challenge some of you guys there!

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Joseph Dunn


Hyphytek will be at Colorado Cuttthroat Con this weekend. What would you like to see?

Colorado Cutthroat Connection L.L.C: CutthroatCon

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Gregory Richardson 303-974-0034


Contact: Gregory Richardson


Colorado Cutthroat Connection L.L.C: CutthroatCon

Denver, CO – Colorado Cutthroat is proud to present CutthroatCon. Stemming from last year’s SuperCon 2010 Cutthroat has started its own national convention to showcase all things gaming, anime and art in Colorado. This event is part of a bigger series called the SuperCon 2K Series which is powered by the National Video Game Association (NVGA) and VIBRAS.FIVE.ONE headset. This series, alongside Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) and other chapters of the NVGA, travels all over the United States to host large game rooms for anime, comic, sci-fi and gaming conventions.

CutthroatCon will feature students, faculty and the community at large participating in variety of activities stemming from:

  • Competitive and casual video game tournaments
  • Meeting celebrity and up and coming artist from across Colorado
  • Panel and Workshops on the gaming, anime and art industry
  • Large gaming area presented by the SuperCon 2K Series and Death of the Arcade Productions
  • Anime costume contest
  • Art and Anime vendors
  • Westwood College Art contest
  • Table Top Gaming
  • PC Gaming

Parents, friends, faculty, students and the community are encouraged to come out and support student organizations at the Auraria Campus, Westwood College, the Children’s Hospital, local artist and the overall gaming industry in Colorado. With the help of community sponsors such as GameStop, Dominos Pizza, The University of Colorado in Denver, Westwood College, vitaminwater and  VIBRAS.FIVE.ONE headset, participants will have the chance to win prizes, educate themselves on the anime, gaming and art industry in Colorado and overall have a great weekend

The Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3) is the premier video game marketing Company that specializes in

social networking events, competitive and casual video game tournaments, promotions, community leadership and educational opportunities to the gaming community throughout Colorado and beyond.  Gaming has grown exponentially in the last decade and the games have become interactive and multi-player. While many gamers interact through online exchanges, C3 takes interactive and competitive and casual gaming to the next level. We take the gamer off the living-room couch and bring them into live tournament and gaming events. All our events are very humanistic in nature bridging the gap between both children and adults allowing both to display their talents in the same arena without any bias on age, gender or race. Since the start of C3 and NVGA the idea has always been to emphasize the concept “The sport of the mind” bringing competitive and casual gaming to the for-front.

The event is sponsored by Colorado Cutthroat Connection, The University of Colorado in Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Westwood College, National Video Game Association (NVGA), GameStop, VIBRAS.FIVE.ONE, SuperCon 2K Series and vitaminwater. It is open to the public. For more information, please call Gregory Richardson at 303-974-0034

Gregory Richardson, 658 South Reed Court Apt N-22 Lakewood, CO, 80226

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Monster Hunter Portable 3 by Kai Powell

In Japan, portable gaming reigns supreme. With the market full of A-rank titles like Dragon Quest IX and MGS: Peace Walker, gaming on the go is a mainstay that far overwhelms anything on a console. Last December, CAPCOM released a new Monster Hunter title to help capture the hearts (and hands) of that player base. At first glance Monster Hunter Portable 3rd appears to just be a port of the wii hit released earlier that year, Monster Hunter Tri. However, within moments, you can see that the similarities are only cosmetic.

First off, allow me to state that the Monster Hunter series is most definitely NOT for a casual audience. Aside from the few optional weapon tutorials, the games makes no effort to hold your hand and teach you how to play. So much of this game is based on trial and error that you won’t know how to take down a hunt without first studying both the monster and yourself. Coupled with the fact that the game is still currently a Japanese exclusive, this most definitely isn’t a game you can just rent and hope to finish in a weekend. more »

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I know what you’re thinking: “You’re subjecting us to yet another fluffy shoujo anime?” Though it looks like the girliest mahou shoujo anime this side of Tokyo Mew-Mew, trust me, it’s not. Princess Tutu takes the archetypal magical-girl formula, sets it in a ballet academy in an ambiguously German town and has its heroine heal people through the power of emotional expression. This particular magical-girl plot has an unusual twist; our heroine is a duck who, when given a magic pendant, can transform into a girl who can in turn transform into Princess Tutu. She yearns to restore the heart of Mytho, the mysterious but gifted dancer and BMOC at the ballet academy. But Mytho’s childhood friend, Fakir, and Mytho’s girlfriend, Rue, are determined not to let Mytho’s heart become whole again and fight against Tutu. But do any of these characters act of their own free will, or are they simply cogs in a greater plan? Imagine if Kafka rewrote the Grimms’ canon; that’s the most succinct way I can think of to describe Princess Tutu. more »

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Fallout New Vegas review by Emerson Brooks

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic era; almost all vegetation has been destroyed, most water has become undrinkable and humanity clings desperately to survive while a host of mutated threats and the seemingly endless, radiated wasteland pick away at any hope remaining. This is the world of Fallout. It’s a world seemingly trapped in time; worn war propaganda is scattered throughout and bottle caps are the only currency that will get you food, water and weapons. This story of civilization’s darkest hour has been depicted through several Fallout games, putting players in control of a single protagonist who wanders the wasteland searching for answers to his/her own conflicts and slowly discovering and revealing the wasteland around them. more »

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Taking a page from games such as Demon’s Souls, Mindjack claims to offer a revolutionary experience allowing any player in the world opportunity to enter your game as either an npc in your aid or actively take control of any member of the opposing force. As one of the freshest multiplayer gimmicks to be released in years, does Mindjack bring true innovation to the field or does it simply fall at the heels of the established hitters in the genre?

In the recent wake of gaming, it seems that many companies are striving to etch their name upon the monolith genre of third-person shooters. From Koei to Sony, Eidos to Capcom, all of these companies are all vying for a piece of that gaming pie. With so many niches filled there lies a new challenger waiting to enter the ring: feelplus. more »

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