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Reaction to On-Disk Street Fighter X Tekken

Official statement by Capcom

Capcom has confirmed that 12 new fan-favorite characters will be available as Downloadable Content (DLC) on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of Street Fighter X Tekken later this year. The playable characters will make their debut on the PS Vita system when the game is released this fall, with the console and PC versions receiving them as DLC soon after. The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did. More specifics regarding pricing, dates and other additional exciting DLC plans for Street Fighter X Tekken will be shared at a later date. As a reminder, the retail version of the game will be the only disc-based version consumers will need to own and all future upgrades will come from post-launch DLC. The new characters fighting their way onto Street Fighter X Tekken are… from the Street Fighter side… Blanka, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Guy and Sakura will be playable and from Tekken… Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack, Lars Alexandersson and Lei Wulong will all be available.

“thanks for locking tons of content out of the game, we’re in a recession and you think gamers will buy anything willy nilly? Gamers are fickle buyers and the fact they know 12 DLC characters that are done along with lots of outfits and gems locked away.

Why is it we have to wait till the fall to play these characters when they are done now? This is a sham and you know it. Doubt you or anyone on pay-roll would agree with anyone.

This is really spitting on your fans.”

Two Coins

One of many reactions that I empathize with on this matter. In fact my wallet is prepared to close up around Capcom fighters pretty quick if this is not fixed. Come on Capcom gives up all the goods from the start. Don’t be a tease.


Source: Capcom Unity

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Remake of Karateka in Development???

Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia, announces the remake of Karateka as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 sometime this year.

Karateka was a one man operation where Mechner created the game in his dorm room at Yale for the Apple II. Yes, so that means the 80′s. Feudal Japan is the world Karateka brought players. With the simple task of defeating waves of karate men to recuse your girlfriend.

Yes, a timeless video game tale.

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Video!!! Street Fighter X Tekken Spreads The Love

Capcom gives the world a Valentine’s Day gift in the form of the final character listing for Street Fighter X Tekken.

M. Bison



Jin Kazama

Then I knew Jin, Bison, and the red head would show up to the party. Though Ogre is kind of an odd choice. Roger Jr is a character that deserves to bash Ryu in the undercarriage.

Jump Into Wakfu’s Open Beta

Starting today Square Enix and Ankama start open beta for Wakfu MMORPG. Wakfu is an anime inspired world where it is promised that a player’s actions effect Wakfu’s evolving ecosystem. Even with a political system where a player can run for office.

Sounds like a great opportunity for creative griefing. Can’t wait until the zoning board meetings.


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Zombies Don’t Use Spell Check!

Resident Evil Revel! is about to hit stores. If a player is really appalled by Revelations being misspelled they may contact Capcom customer  service, 650-350-6700, or and will receive a new insert for Resident Evil Revelations.

It does warm the heart that Capcom cares about it’s OCD afflected players.

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SWTOR Players Are Really Busy

After six weeks of playing Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Over 239 million in-game hours, or over 332,000 months and over 27,000 years of in-game time
  • Over 20 billion NPCs killed
  • Over 148 billion credits spent

As a supporter of NPC digicide I truly hope for triple the body count in another six weeks

Dragons, Zombies, and Pre-Order Bonuses!

Been craving this game since E3 2011! The wait for Dragon’s Dogma ends May 22nd and packed with a demo of Resident Evil 6. Yes, if you so wish to buy day one, 3 pre-order packs are available.  Amazon has the “Weapon Grade Pack” and Best Buy has the “Armor Upgrade Pack” with GameStop offering a “Pawn Upgrade Pack” to Capcom faithful.

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Prototype 2′s RAD Pre-Order Bonuses

Behind-the-Scenes video! Alternate costumes! Rewards for completing weekly challenges! If you are too young to remember how even some PlayStation 2 games had these features; then buying Prototype 2 on launch day is for you! Starting April 27th Radical Entertainment will have a seven week window for players to gain access to RADNET with a purchase of a new copy of Prototype 2. RADNET promises 55 parted out DLC throughout the seven weeks that include friend vs. friend competitive score challenges, to Avatar items. After seven weeks the free RADNET content becomes locked.

Even with this call to action my butt remains pretty firm on the recliner. With a PS2 I can experiences all these features, and Gackt, in Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Heck, it is about $41 on Amazon if anyone wants to feel like paying new-ish prices. A true Hail Mary to quench used game guilt.


Mega-Chub Man in Street Fighter X Tekken?

Waking up should be a grand act full of coughing and butt scratching.
This morning included a slap to the face from Capcom’s announcement of 5
new characters for  Street Fighter X Tekken, but for the Playstation3 and Vita. The character list just adds to the sting.

Mega Man

Pac Man

Cole (Infamous)

Kuro/Toro (Sony mascots)

Focusing on which characters matter, the men come to Street Fighter X Tekken in unconventional fighting form. Mega Man is all grown up sporting his original US box art look and proudly strutting a beer gut. Pac Man jumps into the fight riding a wooden robot and shooting out to bash enemies with his ball like body. Sure people who own Sony products have the other two, or three, but who really cares. Cole doesn’t have anime eyes and suffering from girl problems and the cats aren’t drunk. Why would this grand news leave a mark on my face? I own a 360.  Microsoft, if you are not going to give me a real Metal Gear to play least at least make Mega “Gut” Man a playable character. Even as DLC, Please?


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